In our journey to be truly committed to the environment , we celebrated World Environment Day in our school premises today. The Management , Teaching and Non Teaching Staff , parents and few 10th STD students took part in the various activities . As plants contribute greatly to human life and the environment , our Principal Sr. Sharmila along with a teacher , planted a Bimbli sapling while the students of STD 10 and the non teaching staff planted Lantana Saplings in our school garden. The students also beautified our Principal’s office window with bougainvillea saplings as flowers are food and sunshine for our soul and as Audrey Hepburn said “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” . The students also made seed balls (Mango Seeds) and distributed it to the parents who were present on the occasion. They also got the office timing (9-5) flowers transferred into small pots that were put into planters placed on the grill at the entrance of the school .