Principal's Message

Dear Students, Parents, Teachers, Alumni and Well Wishers,

sacred-heart-vashi-25Welcome to our website and our first steps in the digital world. We will also shortly be using online admissions for Nursery. We will continue to develop and enrich our student’s education and life.

The aim of the education is not only to excel in academic field, but  to provide our students with knowledge and understanding that would nurture the spiritual dimension in them. It is my deep conviction that education must help to raise the individual to high level of consciousness, awareness and understanding of the realities of today.  We live in a highly competitive and individualistic global society where money and might play an important role. Human values of compassion, love and brotherhood are disappearing and are replaced by unbridled competition . To prepare and equip the students to face this reality is a great challenge.

Yours in faith

Sr. Sharmila Fernandes