The academic year 2018-2019 began with the introduction of the  new teachers by our Principal Sr.Sharmila followed by Orientation for the teachers by Fr.Dr.Ivan Almeida (Pilar Fathers).

According to Fr.Ivan, Education is not merely  imparting knowledge but as a matter of fact it is defined as “Healthy minds creating healthy minds”.As Gautam Buddha said,”What you think you become, what you think you get”.So ,we should trust, love & believe in ourselves.According to the American philosopher Wayne Dyer,  “If you change the way you look at things ,the things you look at change”.So ,what we see around are symptoms not the problem.

Fr.said ,”A country’s development should be based on it’s Inner Structure & not it’s infrastructure. As today’s education is based on competition & not co-operation ,we should be open and celebrate differences.Laziness arises if we have no goals in life .

He also conducted a short meditation session which was very refreshing & relaxing.He said ,controlling our conscious mind (monitor) by reframing the unconscious mind (CPU) is very important because ‘what is impressed is expressed’. Mrs.Romila gave the vote of thanks .

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