Due to depletion of green cover especially trees, air pollution, global warming,greenhouse effect,etc. are some of the grave concerns today .True to Gandhiji’s thought, “Be the change you want to see in the world”,24 members of the Eco Club along with 3 teachers went to Yusuf Meherally Centre on 30th June for a tree plantation drive.The students were given a small introduction on the working of the centre by the staff (Mr. Sawant) after which Naomi(std 6C) introduced the purpose of our visit followed by a speech on VAN MAHOTSAV by Avleen(std 6A) and Anuja(std 6A).  At the end the children took a pledge along with Rohann(std 5B) to conserve and protect the green cover. They then formed groups according to their house colours and planted saplings of various fruit trees which they had grown at home and had taken along with them, in various sections of the YMC premises.The students and teachers also helped in making a new medicinal garden where they planted holy basil and aloe vera.Chinmay (std 8B)celebrated his birthday by planting a mango sapling.
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